Allegra Show Time – 11 June 2017

This year, for the first time in Allegra history, on the 11th of June 2017, Allegra will organise a show/competition:

Allegra Show Time!

All members and sponsors can participate, no matter what level you are. Even if you feel like you might not be good enough, challenge yourself! It will be a friendly, non-official competition with non-official rules. There will of course be a very professional panel of judges, but you won’t be judged on normal competition criteria. We will let you know the criteria as soon as possible, so you can make sure to put them in your routine.

There will be four categories:


  • Beginners: members and sponsors who cannot train independently yet. (a routine up to 2,5 minutes)
  • Intermediate: members and sponsors who can train independently, but do not yet consider themselves advanced OR aren’t able to make a routine longer than 2,5 minutes. (a routine up to 2,5 minutes)
  • Advanced: members and sponsors who can train independently and who want to have a routine longer than 2,5 minutes. (a routine up to 4 minutes)


  • This is the category for people who would like to make a routine with someone else. All levels are allowed to compete in this category. (a routine up to 4 minutes)

You can compete in more than one category, for example SOLO intermediate and DUO. If you want to join in you will have to subscribe before the 15th of March. Note: you won’t be officially subscribed if you just subscribe on Facebook! You have to fill in the form on the Allegra website. The only way to unsubscribe is by emailing the board, otherwise we’ll just assume you’ll join.

The show will only take place if we have 15 acts or more. If by the 15th of march we have less than 15 subscriptions, then unfortunately the show can’t go on. For this reason it is not possible to unsubscribe after the 15th of march. If you really can’t make it, you must fix some kind of replacement.

However, it is possible to switch categories after the 15th of March, as long as the number of acts doesn’t become lower. So you can switch from two people doing a DUO act to two people doing a SOLO act, but not the other way around.

There won’t be many rules for the routines you make, but there is one rule we want to make clear before you start making your routine: it cannot be too sexy! High heels made for poledancing are allowed,  but no sexy costumes or super sexy dances. However, all other costumes are totally cool! If you put on a big yellow bird costume, we will have a special price for you! (no body paint though, this will stick to the poles)

Of course, a show wouldn’t be fun without an audience, so all participants may invited their friends and family. Please note on the subscription form how many you plan on bringing, so we will have the right amount of chairs. The audience will have to pay a small entrance price (about 2-3 euro’s), which we will add to our savings for the spinning pole. Non-competing Allegra members and sponsors will of course be more than welcome to come and cheer for all participants!

All participants will have to pay a small registration fee (between 5-10 euro’s), to cut the costs for the show. We will send a payment reminder after 15 March, when we are sure the show will go on, with the exact amount.

Subscribe as a participant through our website until 15 March:

Solo signups:
Duo signups:

We are super excited to see all your routines and can’t wait until the 11th of June!

If you have any questions about the show, please email us.

With enthusiastic regards,

The Allegra board, the Sports Committee and the Activity Committee