Allegra Showtime 2019

From now on you can sign up for the Allegra Showtime 2019! It will take place on the 26th of May.

Subscription is possible with this link:
Subscription link

The annual Allegra Showtime is an internal competition that we organize for our members and friends. The goal of this competition is to provide a small, friendly competition, where everyone can join, also people that have never joined a competition in poledancing before! In this way, the step towards larger competitions in poledancing are smaller. Moreover, it is a fun and instructive way to perform for family and friends, and to show them what you can do in a pole!

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We have established some basic Rules and Regulations for the competition.

Some important information extracted from the rules and regulations:

From January 6 to March 31st you can subscribe for the competition, after that you cannot drop out nor subscribe anymore. The participation fee will probably be 5 euros for (hammock)members and 7,50 for friends of Allegra and has be to transferred before the 21st of April (but we will give you an exact number at the end of March, when the budget estimate has been finalized). 

We have estabilshed three categories: 

Category Independent training? Duration of the act Moves that are not allowed
Beginner No1) Between 2 and 4 min. Handspring, deadlifts (except basic inverts), shouldermount, drops, iron-x, Russian split, flips, planks, regrips.
Intermediate Yes Between 2 and 4 min. Deadlifts (except basic inverts and shouldermount), drops, iron-x, Russian split, flips, planks, regrips.
Advanced2) Yes At least 3 min. (5 min. max) (all techniques are allowed, as long as it is practiced and performed safely).

1) If you are not allowed to train independently at the moment of subscription, but you are allowed later in the year, you do not have to change categories.

2) We will have both a spinning and a static pole, and whereas in the beginner and intermediate categories the participants are free to divide their time on the poles to their wishes (they could also use only the static or only the spinning pole), the participants in the advanced category have to incorporate both poles in their performance.

If you are not sure in what category you should join, or what moves are or are not allowed in certain categories, please contact the board or the activity committee. Moreover, we reserve our right to put participants in different categories if we do not agree with the one that has been chosen. This will always be mentioned prior to the show and open for negotiation (if possible), or, if your performance is too difficult, or you do tricks from a more advanced category, the judges can score you according to that more advanced category.

In addition, we would like to encourage people to join in duos, for a duo act. They will follow the same rules as the advanced category. More information about the duo-category, will follow after signing up (as it depends on the amount of duos that sign up).