Allegra Showtime 2018

You can now subscribe for Allegra Showtime 2018! (If you want to unsubscribe, please contact the board)

We’re still working on the set up for this years Showtime, so a lot isn’t clear yet, but we’ve decided to open the subscription now so you can all start practicing your routines. Keep in mind that there might be a subscription fee!

There are four categories for which you can subscribe now. If it turns out there are too little people in each category, we might change them a bit, but you’ll keep the rules for the category you originally subscribed to.

Once you have handed in your independent training form, you automatically become an intermediate!

The categories

Your act must be between 2 and 4 minutes, this applies to all categories (except advanced: at least 3 minutes)


  • no deadlifts (except basic invert)
  • no single handed spins (except fireman, kneeturn, and comparable spins)
  • no shouldermount
  • no splits in the pole

examples of what you can do:

  • chopper
  • butterfly
  • inside/outside leghang
  • playgirl/craddle spin

Intermediate 1

  • no deadlifts (except basic invert)
  • no drops
  • no Jade
  • no Allegra
  • no handspring

Intermediate 2

  • no deadlifts (except shoulder mount)
  • no regrips
  • no single handed spins in the spinning pole
  • no iron-x, russian split, salto’s, planks
  • Jade, Allegra, handspring are allowed


  • all techniques allowed
  • You choreography must be at least 3 minutes


If your choreography is too difficult and you do tricks from a more advanced categorie, the judges will score you according to that more advanced categorie

We reserve ourself the right to make changes in these rules if needed. If you’re not sure whether you’re allowed to do a move or not, please contact the board.


Show Time 2018