Giving Mentortraining

From now on it is possible to arrange a mentor training! Here you will find the rules and the availability of Sporthall 3:

  • You have explicit approval from the teacher and the board to give mentor lessons
  • During a mentor training you are responsible for the beginners taking a class from you
  • Explain moves for the reference level
  • Make sure you are around to catch and assist whenever necessary
  • Don’t push students beyond their level
  • Don’t teach beyond the reference level
  • When giving a mentor training, the rules for independent training still apply! So one of these options should be the case:
    • There must be two people in total with training independent in duos
    • There must be three people in total with training independent (normal)
  • Notify the reception desk you are training independently
  • 1 Mentor is allowed to teach a maximum of 4 students simultaneously
  • 2 Mentors are allowed to teach a maximum of 8 students simultaneously
  • It is your own responsibility to contact the Board about how many hours you have thought. You can do this by sending us the declaration form, which can be found on this page (see below)
  • Reimbursement for a mentor is 2,50 per hour per student. If a training is given by 2 mentors, the students will be divided over the mentors for the reimbursement.


Sportshall 3 available Period 4

Declaration form mentor training