Hammock Membership

The Hammock membership is our alternative type of membership. Due to limited accommodation provided by the Bongerd we can only offer training in the member hour to a set amount of members. Currently we have a first come first serve system. If the member hour is full, or if you know you cannot make it to the member hour, you can still pole dance by the Hammock membership.

What can I do with a Hammock membership?
Almost everything! Just not the member hours. But you can enroll to mentor training or independent training, our social activities and our workshops.

How much does it cost?
For a Hammock membership, you pay a reduced membership fee.  The cost is given in the table below.

Why is it called a Hammock membership?
Because it is not just just a “waitinglist-member” and also not a “half-membership” we wanted a unique name. Hammock is something you can sit or lay in, so it does represent that it’s not full participation membership. However, Hammock is also a pole dance move, just like Allegra! Some people also know the move as the flat liner. If you do the Allegra, you often first do a Hammock!

Why does Allegra need Hammock members?
Member growth helps Allegra a lot! The amount of training hours which we get is based on how many members we have, therefore we want to offer you that you can be on a waiting list with still a lot of benefits. Being a Hammock member ensures that in the future we can have offer more member hour training! So if you are thinking “I’m only becoming a member if they get more hours”, please consider already becoming a member so that we will actually get more hours.