Independent Training

As a member of Allegra you can apply for training independently. This is only possible if you have reached what we call the reference level. This is because pole dance can be a risky sport, so we want to make sure only sufficiently experienced members can train without supervision. If you have reached the right level, let the board or teacher know so we can get you a form and find a moment to let our teacher test your skill.

You can reach the reference level by following classes from the Bongerd (tuesday), joining the Allegra hour (thursday) or doing Mentor Training. The goal of mentor training is explicitly to get you to reference level, while the other classes have a loose structure.

The benefit of independent training is that you aren’t restricted to the availability of normal hours or the teacher. This can be nice when you need more hours to improve your skill, if the teacher is sick, if you want to do a performance or join a competition, if you cannot make it to one of the normal trainings… It opens up much more training moments!

You can do independant training if:

  • You agree with the terms and conditions on the independant training form
  • You are with at least 3 members in the training and everyone is allowed to train independantly
  • You have mastered the moves listed below (to be checked by our teacher)

To get training, just look up whenever the pole dance room is free in the schedule and post on our facebook group to ask who wants to join at that time! When you go to the training, make sure that you notify the people at the reception of the Bongerd that you are training!

When you print the form, carefully write down your name and sign it yourself. Then you should bring it to the class and let Sabrina sign the form. If you want to train with 2 people instead of 3, discuss this with Sabrina and let her make a note on your form. You must hand in the form to the Board otherwise your form is not valid.

Reference Level Move List

Pole sit

Pole step
Knee Turn
Back hook spin
Windmill (Fan Kick)
Chair spin
Basic Kate

Invest Straddle (Helicopter)
Basic Invert – No Hands
Leg Hang (inside and outside)

Useful Documents: List of Reference MovesAgreement for training independantly