Membership benefits

As a member of Allegra Poledancing, you can enjoy social activities, training with friends, learning a lot from each other, and having drinks after training. Nothing is compulsory, so you are free to join when you want to.

Members can train during the member hour, during which you can learn new tricks or work on mastering other moves. Our teacher will be there to help you, but you can also ask a fellow member for help.

Whenever you feel like practicing your favorite trick, or want to try out some choreography, or want to do anything else you didn’t get enough time for during classes, you can do independent training (in case you are on the appropriate level. See ”Independent training”. You need to have enough experience (to be judged by our teacher) and be together with 2 or more members. Whenever the room is free, you can meet up with some members and do some extra training! These moments are typically arranged through our Whatsapp group. If you want to know some more about the required level or the logistics behind these trainings, don’t hesitate to ask the board or our teacher!

As a member you can also join a workshop, give a workshop, or join fun activities throughout the year. A few examples of our social activities include: game night, movie night and a sushi dinner. At the end of period 1 Allegra will host the annual member weekend, which will be a fun-packed weekend which will help you to get to know your fellow members.

WSPV Allegra performing at Leef Festival 2016

Performances are a part of pole dancing and with Allegra, you can! Not everybody wishes to join a performance, but if you want to try it, you are very welcome to. You don’t need years of experience to join, with some practice you can already make a pretty routine with some easy moves. Allegra usually preforms at the AID, but also in other events in Wageningen like LEEF and Night of the Tip.

WSPV Allegra is still very young, so there is still a lot of work to be done. The future is still ahead, and we are currently making traditions. If you are interested, it is possible to become a part of this. We are looking for people to join committees, in which there is a lot of room to decide what you would like to do with Allegra. If you are interested in fulfilling a board position, you are also welcome to contact us.