Mentor Training

Getting started with pole dancing can be difficult and challenging, but many pole dancers also think that learning the first moves is incredibly fun. This is why Allegra Poledancing wants to offer a bit more to beginners than the normal Bongerd classes (which are hard to subscribe to, due to popularity) and the normal member-hour (which has a mixed level).

Within Allegra you can ask for training by a mentor. Mentors are all experienced members of Allegra who have followed a workshop from our teacher so they know how to teach you some basic tricks! There are no hours set for this, but you can coordinate with your mentor when you are available and when the room is available. This contact typically goes through facebook or whatsapp. You can take as many hours with a mentor as you want. The goal will be to learn the moves which are required for independent training at the Bongerd. So ideally, you will train with a mentor as long as you need to, until you can safely participate in independent training. This level is called the Level 1. A sheet for this and the follow up level can be found below here.

 Moves sheet Level 1-2

The board tries to organize a collective mentor training every two weeks, given by two or three approved mentors. You can subscribe for these training sessions also via the google sheet.


Finished all mentor-training, and then what?

It might take a few months or even longer, depending on how often you train, but at some point you’ll have mastered the moves the mentors have to teach you. At that point you can train without supervision of a teacher or mentor, as long as you are accompanied by at least 2 other members who may also train unsupervised. Of course you can still ask for advice and help, but you won’t be getting more mentor training like before.