Introduction to Member-Weekend Committee

Hey everyone! We (Lisa and I) are the new internet committee. I guess you all know Lisa, our super involved chairwoman, but my face might be new to you. My Name is Bonnie and I’m in my 3rd year of Biology Bachelor. I just started pole dancing and I hope there will be a lot of good experiences with you all!

But more important – We would like to introduce you to our Weekend Committee: Carol, Anouk and Carlotta.

Carol studies Food Technology and is in her 2nd Bachelor year. She started pole dancing during the AID workshop last year. “It was so much fun and I wanted to practice it more.” – After the beginner lesson she immediately subscribed to join Allegra (Who could blame her? ;)). Besides pole dancing she’s playing the piano, and, as a student of Food Technology, loves to cook. Also photography is her passion: “Well, I hope I can improve my photographic skills and maybe organise a photoshoot with all the Allegra members!” We are already excited about her idea!

Anouk studies Animal Science and is doing the dance at the pole for 4 years now. She started with a pole dance course at De Bongerd. She already has signature moves like the B-girl, the floating ballerina or the rocketman (Damn girl, you rock!). But these moves aren’t the only ones in her repertoire. She also has a lot of different hobbies like hiking, baking, painting and other creative stuff.

Carlotta is a student of Disaster Risk Management (We hope you never have to use those skills at Allegra ;)) at Van Hall Larenstein and is currently doing her minor here at the WUR. She has done pole dance for almost 4 years and started at De Bongerd as well. You may also know Carlotta as one of the founders of Allegra. A year ago she was still our secretary. Besides Allegra her hobbies include listening to music and sports in general.

They will organize a lot of fun and sporty weekends for us all. The biggest purpose here is: get to know each other more and grow together as a team. So prepare for lot of exercise, good food, fun and happiness! You can already look forward to Friday: which will have an Halloween theme! Don’t forget there is the general member meeting on Saturday at 15.30.

Thank you girls, and do your best. We’re looking forward to a fantastic weekend! 🙂