Pole dance in sport hall 3

Our members have waited a long time for the new sport hall in the Bongerd to be finished and was followed by another wait for fitting poles. Starting this week, they are however finally ready for use! Tuesday’s class was sadly canceled due to our teacher being sick, but some of the advanced girls trained independently and were the first to try these new poles!

In the fitness studio, there were 5 poles of 38mm diameter. The new hall has 6 poles of 42mm diameter and has more space between the poles. The old and new poles both are essentially a pole put into a hole in the ground, but the new poles have a wider, heavier foot which is actually tightened. Because of this, these poles are more stable than the previous ones.

Our girls all noticed that the thickness made quite a difference. Grips are generally easier, but some spins and holds can feel quite different. It is an important transition, since 42 mm is closer to the industry and competition standards.

All upcoming training will be in sport hall 3, unless explicitly stated otherwise. Want to do pole dance in Wageningen? Check this page about what kind of training is possible.