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NOTE: For the first half year and the second half year, it is NOT possible anymore to subscribe as an Allegra member, since we are full!
If you want to be placed on the waiting list for the Allegra membership, please fill in the form below and indicate you want to be on the waiting list. In the meantime you can sign up as a HAMMOCK member if you want.

Nice that you want to become a member of WSPV Allegra! For more information about conditions and costs, please look at the page about becoming a member.

On this page you’ll find the registration form.

The only way to become a member of WSPV Allegra is by filling in this online form. Upon receiving the form and payment your membership will be official.

Very important! You can only become an official member after you’ve bought your sportsrights at the Bongerd. It is possible to subscribe if you don’t have them yet, but make sure you purchase them before the deadline! The deadline for this will be 24/09/2017.

If this is your first year at the WUR, and you don’t have a WURcard yet? Please leave the box for the WBA number open and give us notice as soon as you have this information. The deadline for this is also 24/09/2017

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us through our website, on Facebook or by email (



Registration Allegra membership 2017/2018
Only required for non-dutch bank accounts
Allegra actively uses WhatsApp, so please fill in the phone number on which you use WhatsApp.
Number used for signing up to a sport class. If you are unsure: please write down all the numbers on the back of your WUR card. To find your WBA number: check the numbers at the barcode on the back of your WUR card. Remove the first 4 numbers and the last 2 numbers. If the remaining numbers start with any "0", remove the "0" as well. The numbers that are left are your WBA number.
Please use this format: 31-12-1999
Use this field to supply an additional email address besides your WUR email address. If your fill in an additional private email address here, you will receive email from Allegra on both your WUR email and this email address.
As we are a registered association in the Netherlands, we officially have our house rules and statutes in Dutch. If you don't speak Dutch and have questions about these rules, please contact us first. The house rules and statutes are found on our website on this page:
The payment instructions will be emailed to you after we receive this registration form.
Your membership can only be completed if you have sport rights at the Bongerd, when you don't have sport rights, your membership is immediately revoked.
The half year mark is set at the beginning of period 4.
Only Allegra members can join the member hour training, but there is only a limited amount of spots in the member hour. For the difference between Allegra and Hammock membership, please see:
We will contact you when there is a spot available
Mentor training is a system in which experienced members of Allegra give training to beginners ("Students"). This gives beginners extra opportunity to train, and gives experienced members the chance to give small training. Our trainer educates mentors, and mentors are given a small fee for their efforts.