What is poledancing?

Poledancing is a sport which combines strength, flexibility and choreography in a fun way. While there used to be a stigma that poledance is purely erotic, it is nowadays an increasingly popular way to work out. Most larger cities now have a few studios where you can practice poledance and other aerial sports. In typical student-cities pole dance associations are also on the rise, besides Wageningen there are student poledance associations in Eindhoven, Groningen and Nijmegen. Moreover, poledance championships are also rising in popularity.

Everybody can do poledancing. We have seen people from many different levels and backgrounds. People of all genders enjoy this sport. If you want to start poledancing, don’t worry about your previous skills. You don’t have to be strong or flexible or skinny or anything else, while poledancing you will develop all you need. Poledancing can be a fun full-body work-out for everyone, even if you hate normal work-outs and allows you to focus on the aspects you want.