Ivanna and Sophie joined the Aerial Movement Competition in Nijmegen. For both this was their first competition, but that could not be seen in their performance! They performed very well and Ivanna even received the second price!! Sophie did not win a price but went home satsisfied We as Allegra […]

Aerial Movement Competition

Our Allegra members did an awesome workshop this weekend! They did some impressive acrobatic moves on a moving horse. The girls did a Vaulting workshop given by Vaulting Association de Wittegheit from Odiliapeel. Vaulting can be explained best as: doing gymnastics on a (galopping) horse. After a short introduction movie, […]

Vaulting Workshop

Today was a great day in Allegra history. From today on we have a second trainings hour, so all our members can train once every week!  We are really really really happy with this as you can see on the pictures!

New trainings hour!

This November we had our first two activities organized by our new Activity Committee! The first activity was a cocktail evening. While the days became colder, our Allegra members still felt the summer vibe and drank some self-made cocktails on the 15th of November.               […]

Activities November 2017

Last weekend we had our annual member weekend and we had so much fun! We did some duo pole, yoga/pilates and as a surprise we went to Chalans in Arnhem for an aerial and hoop workshop. Next to poledancing, we also ate together, played games and watched movies. It was […]

Member weekend 2017