Workshops & Performances


Want to try something else with your sports- or students association, team, yearclub, friends or maybe with colleagues? Do a workshop poledancing with Allegra! During this workshop you will learn fun moves from one or more experienced members at a favourable price. We can adjust the precise content exactly to your level. These workshops can take place in Sports Centre de Bongerd or, when you have access to sufficient and good poles, at your own location. Both men and women are always very excited about the challenge and fun of a workshop pole dancing! Mail us when you’re interested, for questions or for scheduling a workshop (Contact).

General information (English): Workshopinformation for participants


Regularly members of Allegra perform during events. For example, every year we’re at the Leef Festival in Wageningen and we also often perform at the AID Streettheaterfestival, the talentshow at the Spot (Wageningen Campus) and at Night of the Tip. Would you like to see us during an event? Send an e-mail ( for more information!