About Allegra

WSPV Allegra is a name with a lot of meaning behind it. More experienced poledancers may have recognized it as a poledancing move, which is also the move displayed in our logo!

In addition to being a challenging but beautiful pole move which became the icon of our association, the name Allegra (with its origin in the Italian word “allegro”) also stands for “happy, lively, cheerful”, terms we think describe our association and her members very well!

WSPV Allegra is the student sports association for pole dancing in Wageningen. Since 2015 we are an association where strength, flexibility and fun are combined. We have weekly training hours where our members practice their newest tricks in the pole and work on becoming stronger, more flexible and improve their coordination!. Pole dancing is a sport of growing popularity and in our association we focus on pole fitness. It is a sport for everyone. As a member of Allegra you have the opportunity to participate in extra training hours, workshops and other fun activities. Besides sport activities Allegra also organises activities such as dinners, drinks, movie nights or a day out so that members can connect with each other.

Are you curious to know more or would you like to join us then browse a little further on our webpage or contact us directly! We would love to hear from you!