Would you like to help with arranging, organizing or conceptualizing things within Allegra? Then being part of a committee may be the right thing for you! If you would like to know more about what a particular committee entails, or if you are interested to be part of a committee feel free to contact a board member or e-mail us! Of course you can also always do this if you have suggestions or ideas for a commission.


Activities Committee

This is the committee where all the fun things are thought of and put into practice! Do you enjoy to arrange a drink? Would you like to go swimming with the association? Do you want to barbecue with all the members? Are you full of other nice ideas and enthusiasm? Then you are perfect for the activities committee! You can decide for yourself how much time you are willing to spend on this committee and the more people join the easier it will get to arrange and be creative. You may choose to hold one or more things every week, but if you prefer to organize something only once a month this is no problem either. The Activities Committee is as busy as you want it to be and always is about inventing and implementing fun things to do with the association.
We’re still looking for interested people for this committee!


Weekend Committee

The Weekend committee is a committee specifically f2015-11-14 11.49.41or our biggest activity of the year: the members’ weekend! This weekend is a good time to get to know members better. This happens while enjoying movies, food and of course pole dancing! Unlike the Activities committee, this is a committee that you will not be busy with all year round, but you will be busy for a shorter period but then more intensively. The Weekend Commission has the freedom to create and realize a program and holds the responsibility to make the members’ weekend a great success once again!
We’re still looking for interested people for this committee!


Accounting Committee

Perhaps the most important committee of all. This committee is essential for the existence and maintenance of the association, but in practice it takes very little time. Once a year the balance sheet has to be checked, which you are responsible for as part of the Accounting committee. As Accounting committee you will have the best insight into how the finances of the association are managed. A member of the Accounting Committee will be invited once a year to verify that the annual report and that all releases have been accounted for.
We’re still looking for interested people for this committee!