Friends of Allegra is the easiest way to be involved with WSPV Allegra without being a member. Moreover you also don’t necessarily need to be a student or have sportsrights in order to become a member. For a small fee you can financially support the association. In return, there are many ways to stay in touch, have fun with us and be involved with the future of our association. This is also a nice way for Allegra to stay in contact with Alumni!

How does it work?

By signing the form and paying a yearly contribution, you agree to becoming a Friend of Allegra. The minimum fee is only €15,-. We will send a confirmation email after we received your application and fee. From that moment onwards, you are officially a Friend of Allegra. According to our house rules, you will be considered a financial supporter (donator), but Allegra offers much more than that! This will be explained below.

Please contact our secretary when your (email)address changes while you’re a Friend of Allegra, otherwise it may become more difficult to reach you.

What can I do as a Friend of Allegra?

We like to forge bonds with both our members and supporters, therefore we offer our friends a lot: for example, we have a yearly Friends of Allegra-BBQ in May or June, which you can attend for free if you are a Friend. Many other activities are also open to Friends. Depending on the nature of the activity, you either pay an equal fee as our members or a little more. To keep you updated about our events and the general situation of the association, you receive our monthly newsletter. Last but not least: you are allowed to join the General Member Meeting. Here, you can still be involved with the organisation and let your voice be heard in the discussions of the future of WSPV Allegra. However, as stated in our house rules, you cannot cast a vote.

What happens to your money?

€5,- will go directly to our yearly BBQ. This is a large event where members and Friends can socialize together while enjoying some nice foods. Since we are a young association, our needs may change rapidly. Therefore, the remaining amount will be spent according to the insight of our Treasurer. At this moment we have started saving for our own spinning poles with a stage, in order to offer our members the opportunity to train on spinning poles. And to be more flexible when giving performances.
By attending the General Member Meeting you will stay updated about how the money will be spent. Also our Annual Report will highlight what Allegra has done with e.g. the remaining part of the Friends of Allegra-fees, this will be discussed during the General Member Meeting.

Register yourself as a Friend of Allegra

To become a Friend of Allegra, please register by sending us an e-mail at! If you have any questions, you can also send an email.